What is the Best Saw for Cutting Concrete?

What is the Best Saw for Cutting Concrete?

Concrete is a popular building material that is employed because it is so strong and robust however, cutting or sawing it can be a tough job.
There are many different types of concrete, and some are tougher and more difficult to cut than others.
Even the more porous varieties can pose issues because they are thick and heavy, and kick up a lot of dust.

Choose the Best Tools

If you want to cut concrete it is important that you understand the features and limitations of the machines that are out there for cutting concrete.
This way, you can find the best machine for the job. Concrete cutting machines tend to be divided into two categories; diamond chainsaws and cut-off machines.
Cut-off machines are the ‘go-to’ tool for most people.
They use an abrasive wheel (usually with diamonds on it) to cut concrete, and they can run on a variety of different power sources.
Electric saws are light, quiet and easy to use, but they tend to be less powerful than hydraulic saws or pneumatic saws.
Gas powered units are highly portable but require more maintenance.
Chainsaws, meanwhile, are useful for scenarios where you need to make deeper cuts.
A chainsaw can be pushed nose-deep into the material, so even a small saw can cut ten inches deep. There is no overcut, and it is easier to make square corners.

Choosing a Blade

If you are simply cutting in a straight line, then a circular saw is easier to manipulate than a chainsaw, but the big question is “what blade should I use”.
The cheapest blades are abrasive corundum masonry blades. Unfortunately, while these blades are very inexpensive, they are not good for deep cuts.
They cut slowly, and wear down very quickly. Diamond blades are a much better choice.
They are more expensive but they cut more quickly and they also last for a lot longer.
If you are going to be cutting a lot of concrete then it will be more than worth the investment.

Additional Features

Technology in terms of construction equipment has come a long way, and if you look at lists of the best saws for cutting concrete you will find that modern saws have a lot of options.
They also include a lot of innovative features, such as active air filtration to protect the motors, low noise output devices, sophisticated adjustable safety guards, and more powerful electric motors than previous generations.
There are even ‘walk behind’ saws that are perfect for cutting roads or larger blocks.
This allows you to cut in reliable straight lines without having to bend over or use your arms too much.
Some of these saws have a built-in water distribution system so that you can use them wet while keeping your hands free to operate the machine.
There are several things that you should consider before you go shopping for a new saw, including:

  • What sizes of diamond saw blade the saw can accept
  • The size of the arbour
  • The quality of the blade that comes with the saw
  • If the blades match the type of material you will be cutting, and whether you will be wet or dry cutting
  • Whether your priority is high-speed cuts or a long blade lifespan
  • The horsepower of the saw

Having these issues in mind will help you to narrow down the selection of saws and will make it easier for you to find one that is a good match.
Prices for concrete saws can vary massively, but in general, it is wise to buy the best one that you can afford. Do not skimp when safety is at stake.

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