Concrete Cutting Technological Advancements

What Are The Latest Technological Advancements In Concrete Cutting?

Did you know that concrete cutting required a lot of backbreaking work in the early 1900s? There were no concrete saws during those days. Cutters had to use rudimentary tools such as hammers and chisels to cut concrete in the good old days. Things were hard, tedious, and time-consuming. Construction workers had to spend days and even weeks cutting large blocks of concrete. However, the latest concrete cutting technology has […]
Cut Lengthwise Grooves Into Highways

Why Is It Necessary To Cut Lengthwise Grooves Into Highways?

Those thin narrow grooves that are cut into the highway are simply annoying for most drivers and especially for motorcyclists. So why is it necessary to cut lengthwise grooves in the highway? There are in fact several reasons why this is beneficial for drivers, the general public as well as the actual road surface. It reduces noise It increases the lifespan of the road surface Provides better grip for tires […]
Flush Cutting For Accurate Concrete Cutting

Flush Cutting: Definition And Tips For Accurate Cutting

Concrete cutting is a huge part of construction and renovation projects. In such projects, there is a need for precise and accurate cutting of concrete for the best results. As such, the process should be carried out by highly trained personnel using the right equipment. While there are many ways to cut concrete in demolition or construction projects, flush cutting remains one of the best methods that guarantee the best […]
What Some Uses Concrete Saw

What Are Some Of The Uses Of A Concrete Saw?

Are you involved in a concrete cutting project? Are you confused as to which type of concrete saw you should choose for the project? A concrete cutting saw is a tool that runs on gasoline, pneumatic pressure, hydraulics or an electric motor. It is also known as a road saw, consaw or a slab saw. A concrete saw is used for cutting hard materials like concrete, tiles, asphalt, brick, masonry, and […]