Minimise Dust When Sawing Concrete

How To Minimise Dust When Sawing Concrete?

Are you planning to saw concrete for a home improvement project? Are you worried about the dust generated when sawing concrete? If so, you need to keep reading below. Concrete cutting is one of the dustiest jobs in the construction industry. Regular exposure to concrete dust can pose a serious health risk to construction workers. Whether you plan to saw concrete for a one-off home improvement project or you are […]
Cutting Control Joints In Concrete To Avoid Cracks

Cutting Control Joints In Concrete To Avoid Cracks

While fresh concrete is easily moulded into just about any shape due to its fluid and plastic nature, hardened concrete is known to crack easily. This is due to the level of shrinkage involved in the process as well as due to temperature fluctuations. These cracks, when left unattended, can be unsightly and, where deep and wide enough, can adversely affect the load-bearing capabilities of the cured concrete surface. Control […]

What Is The Best Way To Cut An Asphalt Driveway

Do you know what’s required to cut an asphalt driveway? Knowing the best way to cut an asphalt driveway makes things a whole lot easier. Please read below to learn more. An asphalt driveway is relatively easy to maintain and keep in good condition.  By simply filling in surface cracks regularly and applying a seal coating every 2 to 3 years, you can prevent deterioration to the point where the […]

A Guide to Cutting Tiles and Concrete

Do you have any tiles or concrete that you need to saw through? Have you tried to do this before? Let’s take a further look at what it takes to do the job properly. Tiles and concrete are two very difficult materials to work with. They are strong and durable, for the most part, but if they are put under stress in the wrong way they can crack or shatter unpredictably. […]