Risks Involved With Dry Cutting Concrete

What Are The Risks Involved With Dry Cutting Concrete?

Are you involved in dry concrete cutting? Are you aware of the risks associated with dry concrete cutting? If not, you need to read this article today! People who are involved in concrete cutting are at high risk of numerous hazards while dry concrete cutting is associated with health risks, too. Toxic exhaust fumes, saw kickback, blade fracture, and silica dust are some of the many hazards of concrete cutting. […]
Advantages Diamond Saw Blades

What Are The Advantages Of Diamond Saw Blades?

Are you searching for a quality blade for your next concrete cutting project? Do you know the advantages of using a diamond saw blade for concrete cutting? If not, you need to keep reading below. When it comes to concrete cutting, there is nothing like a diamond saw blade. Diamond saw blades are the king of the concrete cutting industry. Diamond blades are some of the most advanced concrete cutting […]
Cutting Control Joints In Concrete To Avoid Cracks

Cutting Control Joints In Concrete To Avoid Cracks

While fresh concrete is easily moulded into just about any shape due to its fluid and plastic nature, hardened concrete is known to crack easily. This is due to the level of shrinkage involved in the process as well as due to temperature fluctuations. These cracks, when left unattended, can be unsightly and, where deep and wide enough, can adversely affect the load-bearing capabilities of the cured concrete surface. Control […]
Why Is Concrete Made Wet For Cutting Indoors

Why Is Concrete Made Wet For Cutting Indoors?

While many people will not have an intricate understanding of what concrete cutting entails, most will appreciate that the process produces a lot of dust.  Moreover, you must appreciate the complexity that comes with concrete cutting despite not having an intricate understanding of all the procedures that concrete cutting involves.  To help you understand concrete cutting in a more intricate manner, we will look at the main reason why concrete […]