Diamond Concrete Blades Wet VS Dry Cutting

Diamond Concrete Blades And Wet VS Dry Cutting

Are you involved in concrete cutting? Do you know the difference between wet concrete cutting and dry concrete cutting? Please continue reading below to learn more. Diamond cutting blades are some of the most effective concrete cutting blades available today. Concrete sawing and grinding have become easier and more effective today with the introduction of diamond blades. This article provides information on diamond blades and wet vs. dry concrete cutting. […]
Minimise Dust When Sawing Concrete

How To Minimise Dust When Sawing Concrete?

Are you planning to saw concrete for a home improvement project? Are you worried about the dust generated when sawing concrete? If so, you need to keep reading below. Concrete cutting is one of the dustiest jobs in the construction industry. Regular exposure to concrete dust can pose a serious health risk to construction workers. Whether you plan to saw concrete for a one-off home improvement project or you are […]
Tips For Straight Concrete Saw Cuts

Key Tips For Straight Concrete Saw Cuts

Concrete is a challenging material to work with at the best of times and should be treated with patience and care. The goal should be to understand how the concrete is going to be cut and what needs to be done to best prepare it for the upcoming task. There are several variables at play with a material such as this and each one has to be taken into account. […]

Understand Your Concrete Sawing Equipment Before You Use It

As part of the construction methods for most buildings, you will find that a significant amount of concrete is used. This means when it comes to making openings for doors and windows, preparing for the installation of utilities, or to also cut masonry, tiles, stone or any other hard surfaces, it is essential that you have a variety of concrete sawing techniques at your disposal that allows for the precise […]