Choosing The Right Concrete Cutting Blades

Choosing The Right Concrete Cutting Blades

Are you looking for the best blade for your next concrete cutting project? Do you know much about the different types of concrete cutting blades? If not, please keep reading to learn more.
When it comes to concrete sawing, choosing the right concrete cutting blade could be the difference between an efficient and cost-effective concrete cutting project and one that costs you a fortune to complete.
That’s why you should choose the right concrete cutting blade for your next concrete cutting project. This article provides information on different types of concrete cutting blades for you to choose from.

  • Dry Cutting Blades
  • Laser-Welded Diamond Blades
  • Wet-Cutting Diamond Blades
  • How To Choose The Right Blade For Your Project?

Dry Cutting Blades

Dry-cutting blades are some of the most popular concrete cutting blades out there. They are mostly used to cut dry and hard concrete. Dry-cutting blades are made from high-density alloys of diamond and silver.
Dry cutting blades come in two types such as hot-pressed and cold-pressed blades. Cold-pressed diamond blades have low-density segments with high porosity.
This feature is essential to enhance the cooling effect when the blade is in use. These blades can cut granite, marble, asphalt, concrete, ceramic, and most of the other dry materials.
Cold-pressed blades have a shorter service life compared to hot-pressed concrete cutting blades. Hot-pressed blades are the other type of dry cutting blade. It’s well-alloyed and comes with high-density segments and longer service life.

Laser-Welded Diamond Blades

Laser-welded diamond blades can be used for wet and dry cutting. These blades are made by fusing the diamond segments and steel with laser welding.
The diamond and steel materials are melted and formed a high strength connection to withstand high temperatures when being used for dry cutting projects.
Laser-welded diamond blades should be ideally used for wet cutting projects or with a lot of water. Regular dry cutting can make the connection between the diamond segments and the steel core to wear off quickly. This can damage the blade before long.

Wet-Cutting Diamond Blades

Wet cutting blades are used to cut green concrete with water being used to cool the blades of this cutter. Diamond saw blades with a silver coating are used in wet concrete cutting.
This blade cannot be used for dry cutting projects because the high temperatures generated during such projects could melt the silver coating of the blade.

How To Choose The Right Blade For Your Project?

When you know about the different types of concrete cutting blades out there, it’s easy to choose the right type of blade for your concrete cutting project.
The material you plan to cut can affect the cutting speed and the life of the blade. Although most blades are designed to cut a wide range of materials, they are limited by the hardness of the bond and the diamond quality used.
The blade should match the material it cuts for the best performance of the blade. Diamond blade manufacturers usually specify what type of aggregate their blade would cut.
You need to closely follow the instruction manual when using a diamond blade when cutting different types of concrete materials.
The type of equipment you use will have an impact on the cutting project. For example, a 5-hp cutter and a 70-hp cutter will use different blades.
The RPMs needed to spin the blade, the size of the blade, and the cutting method – whether wet or dry will depend on the type of concrete cutter you use.

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