Concrete Core Drilling: How Long Does it Take?

Concrete Core Drilling: How Long Does it Take?

If you are in the concrete cutting industry, you may be thinking, “What are some effective methods of cutting concrete?” Perhaps you have an existing structure and want to test the concrete or install utility services such as lighting fixtures and internet services. How do you go about it? 

Concrete core hole drilling is a vital process in any construction setting. In this article, we will explore concrete core drilling and find out how long the process takes.

What is Concrete Core Drilling?

Before you can drill holes into concrete, you first need to understand the process behind it. Simply put, concrete core drilling involves drilling and removing clean, circular holes in concrete surfaces. This process is a proven way of creating openings for concrete and other hard materials. Applications of concrete core drilling include:

• Electrical wiring

• HVAC systems

• Plumbing services

• Water and sewer lines

The Process

Concrete core drilling is widely applicable in various industries. The process through which concrete is drilled depends on the client’s needs and specifications. Here are a few things to take into consideration before embarking on the next core drilling project:

• Selecting a Drill

In most cases, a hand-held core drill is perfect for most concrete core drilling jobs. Typically, these drills are capable of drilling up to 3 inches in diameter which is adequate for the installation of important utility services. 

Select a drill that offers flexibility in performance as you will want to use it for other projects. Examples of drills include rig-mounted, hand-held, and intermediary drills that use both hand-held and rig-mounted.

• Stand Attachments

When drilling begins, you want to ensure that your drill is secured firmly to whatever surface you are drilling into. This is an important safety feature as it ensures the safety and welfare of your workers. 

For example, vacuum stands are suitable for drilling cores on surfaces that are generally flat whereas anchors are applicable when drilling into walls.

Concrete Core Drilling

• Power

For your drill unit to perform at its best, you need to consider the type of power unit that will run its motors. Motors in core drills are available in three options: electric, hydraulic, and air powered.

 The type of power available at your job site will determine the best motor suited for your usage. In addition, there are drill units that accommodate the user to determine the drilling speed and set the concrete hardness when it comes to drilling.

• Depth

Depending on the depths that you need to drill, most cores can be removed using a 1-foot drill bit. If you require further depths, barrel bits are extensions to the normal drill bit that allow you to drill even deeper.

How Long Is the Concrete Core Drilling Process?

When it comes to concrete core drilling, there is no one-size-fits-all. However, the setup, levelling, and cleaning processes take up to 10 hours, while the actual cutting procedure takes around 2 hours. 

To put things into perspective, cutting a slab of concrete with a linear edge of 1 inch (25.4 mm) in bit diameter and 9 inch (22.9 mm) in depth would take 18-20 seconds. 

Different projects, however, have different requirements, and thus the time taken will always differ. The time it takes to drill through concrete is influenced by:

  • Setup and levelling operations
  • Number of openings to be drilled
  • Depth of openings
  • Number of core drills present at the job site
  • The cutting process (2 inches per minute)

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