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Welcome to Vic Sawing and Drilling, your go-to company for all of your concrete cutting & concrete cutter projects. Whether you have a small project for your home or a large commercial property that requires extensive concrete cutting, sawing and drilling services, we have you covered! Once you have discovered our diverse range of services we offer to residents and businesses throughout Melbourne you will be amazed at the way we can help improve, remove, or cut your concrete dilemma. Our highly trained staff has access to an array of tools and equipment to ensure that your job is finished correctly the first time.

Located in Melbourne, Vic Sawing and Drilling has worked with numerous clients to complete their construction needs safely and effectively from road works to industrial building projects Though there are some tasks that only require a rudimentary knowledge of concrete sawing and drilling. The fact is that incorrect concrete cutting and sawing methods can lead to structural weaknesses that might take months or even years to show up. However, you can rest assured when you hire us that every step of the cutting process will be finished to the highest possible standards. Whether you need a window hole carved out of your wall or have an extensive concrete cutting commercial construction job underway, our qualified team of concrete cutters are here to get the job done!

Benefits of Hiring

Vic Sawing and Drilling:

  • Easy to use online enquiry form letting us know what you need.
  • Highly trained staff knowledgeable about the engineering and legal matters associated with cutting materials.
  • Impeccable customer service to ensure that you are treated with respect and fairness throughout your contact with us.
  • Vic Sawing and Drilling has experienced team members who must meet stringent standards for employment.
  • Well-maintained tools and equipment to ensure each project is finished to the high standards our customers expect.
  • Reputation for excellence established by a long-history of positive interactions with domestic and commercial customers.
  • Competitive pricing to ensure you stay within budget for your construction projects.

Concrete Cutting Specialists in Melbourne

We use a wide range of tools and equipment to ensure that each job is completed as efficiently as possible while never sacrificing quality in the process. For instance, wire sawing is an excellent choice for cutting through reinforced concrete. The diamond bead cables are capable of cutting through even thick concrete while making a minimal amount of mess. A low level of noise and dust makes this option perfect for properties where people already live or work.

Of course, there are limited uses for a diamond bead cable. Fortunately we have plenty of other options depending on your needs. Our Concrete Hand Sawing services are perfect for your walls and floors. Our experts will assess the site and then determine the best saw for the job. While an electric saw is the most well-known type of hand saw, we also have hydraulic and petrol saws for tasks better suited to them.

A ring saw is another type of hand-held saw that can be used for precise square cuts. These can make deep cuts and provide an excellent finish. Often, they are used along with another type of hand saw for the best results possible.

When walls are constructed people don't always consider the future needs of people in the building. Masonry, steel and reinforced concrete are all used to create a strong, permanent structure. However, you might want to add doors or windows to improve on the aesthetics of the building. In that case, our wall sawing services will help make that a reality. With a diamond blade and hydraulic power, our equipment will create beautiful straight cuts that make the rest of your remodel easy to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are diamonds used in some saws?

Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on the planet, making them ideal for cutting through surfaces that are weaker. The cutters using diamond cables are able to slide through concrete and masonry due to their porous nature, which makes them considerably weaker than the diamond cutters.

How long will my cutting job take to finish?

While the timeline will depend on the size and scope of the job, you can rest assured that our staff strives for efficiency and speed. When the site is assessed we will provide you with an estimated timeline for completion. Although occasional complications sometimes make it impossible, we will do everything possible to compensate for the lost time without sacrificing the safety of our staff and clients.

What areas do you service?

We are located in Melbourne West, where we have developed our long-standing reputation. Our specialists also operate throughout the CBD and suburbs.

Whether you have a commercial task or want to improve the look and functionality of your domestic property, give us a call today. We will be happy to work with you for all of your construction task needs.

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