How To Cut A Door Into A Concrete Wall

How To Cut A Door Into A Concrete Wall

Concrete is a sturdy and resolute material that requires substantial work before it can be re-designed or adjusted.
That is why the decision to insert a door into a concrete wall demands perfection, organisation, and the willingness to seek professional assistance.
A well-established concrete sawing service is able to offer the appropriate solution necessary to get the job done properly.
If the wrong methods are employed, this can lead to a wide range of problems including potential structural issues.
By hiring a qualified concrete cutting company, the door can be installed correctly and with a minimum amount of trouble.

Steps For Cutting a Door Into Concrete Wall

1) Structural Diagnosis  
The first step in the process is to go through an in-depth diagnosis of the concrete wall.
This is done to determine what’s inside the concrete wall and/or around it in terms of the structural design.
Remember, any type of cutting into the concrete is going to have an impact on everything else attached to that specific wall.
This can have a profound impact on the entire property and therefore has to be done with tremendous care.
The structural diagnosis has to be thorough and needs to take into consideration all of these details before the cutting can begin.
2) Sizing and Personalisation
When the diagnosis is done and a plan has been put together, it’s time to work on the personalisation of how the concrete is cut.
In some cases, property owners will want to have the cut larger than a traditional doorway, while others may want something that is a bit smaller.
These details are going to vary and will have to be put into a comprehensive plan before things start.
When the sizing is done and everything has been taken into consideration, the actual process can get underway with the help of a professional.
3) Methodical Tracing and Cutting
This is when it is time to get started with the actual tracing process. Tracing is where the actual cutting will be done on the concrete wall.
A clear line is drawn to help indicate where the concrete will be cut and how the doorway is going to be made for the proper installation of the doorframe.
When the tracing has been done and everything is assessed for quality control purposes, the actual cutting will then commence.
The cutting is done with industry-grade equipment and will ensure everything is completed in a seamless manner.
All excess materials are immediately disposed of and the concrete wall will be double-checked for robustness.
4) Framing
The final step is to complete the comprehensive framing necessary to hold the doorway in place.
This will require materials that can sustain concrete-related pressures and will be able to work together with the actual door that’s put in later.
A qualified professional will take the time to analyse how the cut has been made and what’s required to ensure the framing holds up over the long-term.
This is an essential requirement during the process and has to be done properly for the best results.

Final Thoughts

These are the main steps that should be followed to ensure the door and concrete wall match up correctly at the end of your project.
Please note, each situation will be different and will come with multiple variables including sizing, dimensions, and where the cuts have to be made.
A professional concrete sawing company will be able to offer immediate assistance and ensure everything is customised down to the last detail. Learn more about how technology affected concrete sawing here.
This is why it is important to discuss the pros and cons before proceeding so you can make sure the entire process is done correctly!

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