Do You Need Insurance For Concrete Drilling Projects?

Do You Need Insurance For Concrete Drilling Projects?

Do you need concrete drilling to be done on your property? Maybe you need to change the floor plan of your home to make it more functional, allow large electrical facilities to be connected, or remove a section out of your concrete patio. Whatever the reason, concrete drilling is a dangerous job even with the right machinery and equipment to safely drill, cut, and remove concrete from a job site. 

Is it therefore necessary to be insured against any accidents that may occur? Because each concrete drilling and cutting job is unique and comes with its own unique risks, it is important to scope the site properly to fully understand what the job will entail before starting which is why we recommended you consult a professional to ensure you don’t drill into any essential services beneath the surface. 

Do you Need Insurance for Concrete Drilling?

Whether you will be doing the work yourself or hiring a professional concrete cutting company it is important to evaluate the risks involved in your specific situation to ensure the insurance coverage is tailored according to your specific needs.

If you decide to hire a professional concrete cutting company you won’t have to worry about insurance as everything will be taken care of. Following are a few general insurance policies that are commonly used in the concrete cutting industry. 

In addition, there are many specialised types of insurance policies available that take into account factors such as whether the project will be carried out above or below ground, the particular environmental risks involved, the type of equipment that will be used, and many more.

General Concrete Sawing and Drilling Contractors Insurance

This general insurance covers all CSDA members and specialty trade contractors involved in concrete cutting, sawing, breaking, shaving, polishing, curing, trenching, and core drilling operations. There are many activities and operations that may not be eligible for cover under the general program such as condos, townhouse apartments, tract home builders, etc.

Public Liability

This protects a concrete cutting business from liability should any accidents occur as a result of the work being carried out. Its purpose is to cover third parties with no connection to the company for injuries, repairs to a property, legal action as a result of accidents, medical treatment for injuries, etc.

Professional Liability

This type of insurance covers mistakes strictly attributed to the quality of work being carried out, negligence, sub-par services, errors due to wrong decisions being taken, improper techniques used, etc.

Need Insurance For Concrete Cutting Projects

Life Insurance 

The high risk associated with the concrete cutting industry makes this an essential insurance cover. It provides a lump sum payout to the family of a deceased employee as a result of job-related accidental death.

Income Protection

Income protection cover makes provision for 70% of the monthly income of a worker due to a work-related injury and is applied until recovery or for a period of up to 5 years.

Management Liability

This type of insurance is a way to protect directors and other high-ranking managers from being held personally responsible for company breaches. This insurance is key to protecting the assets of a business from critical mistakes made by employees of the company.

Environmental and Pollution Insurance

Not generally covered under general liability insurance, these are costs that arise as a result of damage caused to the environment gradually or instantly during the company’s concrete cutting activities.

Final Thoughts

The above insurance policies are just a few of the many options available with many others such as contract performance, equipment insurance, and other risks attributed to different circumstances.

The concrete cutting and drilling industry are particularly hazardous to operate in, making insurance a must-have for companies in order to focus on the quality of their work instead of worrying about legal repercussions every step of the way.

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