What Are The Hazards Of Drilling Into Concrete?

What Are The Hazards Of Drilling Into Concrete?

Are you planning a concrete drilling project? Are you aware of the many hazards of drilling into concrete? Concrete drilling has a lot of risks which is why there are a lot of safety measures made mandatory by the appropriate authorities that you have to comply with. In today’s blog post, we will cover some of the most common hazards of concrete drilling and what should be done to protect the operator.

1. Drill Kickback

If you think that a general construction drill is the right tool for concrete drilling, you should know that it needs specialised equipment designed for this particular job. These drills can cause serious kickback injuries. Specialist concrete cutting companies have trained professionals who know how to use the equipment and have plenty of experience in using those tools to prevent such injuries.

2. Dust Generation

When you drill concrete, it is going to generate a lot of dust which is harmful to your health. When concrete is cut or drilled, it releases crystalline silica which will sit deep inside your lungs if inhaled during the drilling process. 

This is why it is recommended for operators to wear filtered masks, ventilators, and other protective equipment to make sure they do not inhale crystalline silica which can cause long-lasting health issues.

Additionally, if the concrete drilling equipment is powered by fossil fuels and there isn’t proper ventilation in the area, the operator could get exposed to serious amounts of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases.

3. Concrete Isn’t Always Stable

While concrete is strong and durable, you can’t really guarantee its stability when it is being drilled. Experienced concrete drillers know the potential weak spots in the structure and they make sure that the overall integrity of the structure isn’t disturbed while drilling.

4. Electric, Water, Or Gas Pipes

There are concrete slabs that encase electric cables, gas pipelines, or water pipelines. Operators need to be aware of the location of these pipelines and cables when cutting or drilling concrete. 

One of the best tools to avoid such accidents is ground-penetrating radar. These radars can help locate the presence of any such pipelines or cables. Experienced contractors have access to this equipment and they make sure to safely avoid electrical wires and other lines when drilling concrete. 

Hazards Of Drilling Into Concrete

5. Slippery Surfaces

When concrete is drilled or cut, the operator needs to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. In case the surface under them is wet or uneven, it might get slippery and the operator might find it difficult to maintain balance. This is crucial to avoid any preventable accidents from happening. 

6. Noise

Needless to say, the concrete drilling and cutting process generates a lot of noise which can have a significant negative impact on the operator’s hearing. This is why it is recommended to wear appropriate ear protection during the concrete drilling process.

7. Vibrations

Concrete drilling is going to generate a lot of vibrations due to the nature of the process. When operators get exposed to constant vibrations for a long period of time, it could cause some serious damage to the circulatory system, joints, and other parts of the body.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are some of the most common risks and hazards associated with concrete drilling and cutting. If you need to drill concrete, it is always better to engage the services of an experienced concrete-cutting company. Concrete cutting professionals have appropriate equipment for concrete drilling projects and they have plenty of years of experience in using the equipment. They will make sure the project is completed without any injuries or safety issues.

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