How Deep Can You Core Drill Concrete?

How Deep Can You Core Drill Concrete?

Do you need to perform concrete drilling, either to take samples or for the purposes of installing conduits or reinforcements? Are you unsure how deep you can core drill concrete, or how to do it safely and efficiently? With the right tools and approach, working with concrete can be easy. Read on to learn about our approach to core drilling concrete.

What Is Concrete Core Drilling?

Concrete core drilling is used to drill cylindrical holes into concrete walls, floors or ceilings in order to make space for pipes, ducts or cables. It can also be used to take samples for strength tests or other similar purposes.

Concrete core drilling is also sometimes used in the place of hammer drilling because core drilling tends to produce less noise and causes less vibration, making it a good option for noise-sensitive buildings such as hospitals or schools.

How Deep Can You Core Drill Concrete?

In most cases, the core drills used for concrete have a maximum depth of 14″, although it is possible to extend that and perform deep drilling. To deep drill, you’ll need to fit tubing to the end of the drill. The tubes used for deep drilling are typically 48″ in length, and have threads at each end so they can be fitted to the drill and bit, allowing the drill to reach further.

Using deep drilling tubing, it’s possible to drill to depths of around 60″. It’s not recommended to try to drill into concrete deeper than this, because of the stress put on the tubing and the strength of the concrete. The diameter of the drill hole matters when considering how deep you can drill, however, and if you’re making a larger hole that may give you some additional leeway in terms of depth.

Rather than attempting to guess how deep you can safely drill, it’s a good idea to consult a professional drilling service. Our team at Vic Sawing & Drilling can take samples of your concrete and assess the area, then give you a clear indication of what sort of drilling equipment to use and how deep you can drill into the aggregate.

How Deep Can You Core Drill Concrete

What Do You Need to Core Drill Concrete?

To drill into concrete, you’ll need a powerful drill and the correct type of core bit. We recommend diamond bits, although the type of the bit will depend on the concrete you’re working with. When choosing a drill bit, consider the following:

  • Concrete PSI
  • Aggregate hardness
  • Diamond bond
  • Drill hole diameter

Choose a softer diamond bond if you’re working with very hard materials, and a harder bond if you’re working with relatively soft materials. Diamond drill bits cut into concrete efficiently and tend to create less dust, while also reducing the risk of cracking or damaging the surrounding concrete.

We use the DMS 240 for core drilling. This is the industry standard tool for fast, accurate drilling with minimal waste. Our licensed operators are highly trained and always work carefully, in compliance with local laws. If you have any special requirements for your project, they’ll do everything they can to accommodate you.

Choose Vic Sawing For Concrete Core Drilling in Melbourne

If you require concrete core drilling services in Melbourne, Vic Sawing & Drilling is here to help. We have the expertise required for a variety of residential and commercial sawing and core drilling projects, and use the highest quality tools to provide fast and accurate results. Our team always adheres to current OH&S codes of practice and safety, and we take pride in our fast, efficient service. 

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