Is Concrete Drilling Messy? An In-Depth Look

Is Concrete Drilling Messy? An In-Depth Look

Are you renovating your house and need concrete drilling? Are you wondering whether the process is messy? Well, the short answer to this question is that it depends. When concrete drilling is done by professionals who follow all the dust mitigation procedures, you can trust the process to be dust-free. On the other hand, concrete drilling can be messy if the drilling technicians do not follow and adhere to the right dust mitigation processes and procedures. Below are some of the elements that are needed to avoid making a mess when concrete drilling:

1). Personnel Must Have Specialised Training 

While diamond saws are commonly available for purchase or renting, you need specialised training to use the equipment appropriately. For starters, you need the training to gauge the necessary power level for your concrete drilling task. Using too much power while drilling concrete will kick up large amounts of dust. To keep the dust levels low, the technician should use power settings that produce minimal rummage on the concrete, thereby reducing the dust produced during the drilling process.

Additionally, you need an intricate understanding of the specifications of your blade or drill bit. Diamond blades and drill bits contain varying crystal sizes, number of diamonds, and even mesh sizes. You need specialised training to know which blades or drill bits will get the job done without producing an enormous cloud of enormous dust.

2). Cutting And Drilling Only Where Necessary 

One way to reduce the mess created by drilling is to reduce the amount of drilling performed. Overdoing drilling will increase the potential for creating a huge dust mess. As such, it’s essential for the drilling technical to analyse whether core drilling is necessary. If core drilling is deemed necessary, the technician should calculate the level and amount of drilling while minimising it as much as possible.

This is where the experience of the drilling technician helps. An experienced concrete drilling technician will have the acumen necessary to determine the right level of drilling and the number of times drilling is necessary to achieve a specific goal. 

Is Concrete Drilling Messy

3). Cutting With Water

Wetting cutting when drilling concrete is one of the best essential methods of dust control. Wetting the drill will help control dust production during concrete drilling. The continuous spray of water traps the dust produced during sawing, keeping dust particles that escape into the atmosphere to a minimum.

When you combine wet cutting with an on-tool dust extraction method, such as using an exhaust ventilation vacuum system, you can constantly negate the dust in the air and the mess you create while drilling through concrete.

4). Always Wear Dust Protection Gear 

While the aforementioned precautionary steps will keep dust levels low, you cannot rule out the possibility of some dust escaping into the air. You must wear high-quality personal protection gear to guard your health against the dangerous crystalline silica dust. It’s of critical importance to everyone around the worksite to wear respiratory protective equipment designed to filter the crystalline silica dust. If one fails to wear the necessary protective gear, their lungs can suffer from harmful health effects such as inflammation and scarring. 

Final Thoughts

Core concrete drilling can be messy when the necessary dust mitigation measures are not implemented. This is common when inexperienced technicians without adequate capacity to mitigate dust handle the core drilling task. On the other hand, the process of concrete core drilling does not have to be messy. When handled by professionals with experience and adequate capacity to mitigate dust, core drilling does not kick up a lot of dust or create a mess. 

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