Is Core Drilling Safe?

Is Core Drilling Safe?

Concrete core drilling is one of the most common tasks in modern-day construction work. It might seem like an easy job when professionals do it but there is a lot more to it. Concrete coring or drilling is only as safe as the person doing it. 

Put this drill in the hands of an amateur and it is likely to result in expensive mistakes such as extensive structural damage. There is no lack of stories where amateurs have managed to cut embedded powerlines, drain lines or HVAC ducts when drilling through concrete. This is the reason it is recommended to engage the services of a professional concrete core drilling company.

Here are a few reasons why it pays to hire the services of a professional company for concrete core drilling:

1). Using the right Concrete Drill for the Project

If you think that all concrete core drills are the same with the only difference being the diameter of the drill bit, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are different types of concrete drills and the choice depends on the job at hand. 

For certain tasks, a hole can be made with the help of a handheld drill but if the hole size is bigger, it is always better to use a rig-mounted drill.

A stand-mounted or rig-mounted drill is recommended when the diameter of the hole is greater than 3 inches. A handheld model is usually sufficient in the hands of a trained professional if the diameter is within 3 inches.

2). Using the Correct Concrete Drill bit

Proper concrete drilling isn’t possible without the use of the right drill bit for the job. There are different types of drill bits and the choice typically depends on:

  • Hardness of the material
  • Compressive strength of the material

While the diamond-tipped bits are commonly used in concrete drilling, the difference lies in the bonding between the cutting edge and the bit hub.

The choice of a drill bit also depends on the depth of the hole. The standard diamond bits are sufficient for holes that are up to a foot long but if you need to go any deeper, professionals always recommend using barrel bits. These barrel bits are attached to the standard bits and help in making even deeper cuts as the barrel keep pushing the bit further.

Is Core Drilling Safe

3). Paying Attention to the Details

You wouldn’t want to cut powerlines, drainpipes or any other conduits passing through concrete when drilling the surface. Professionals are aware of potential mishaps that might happen when they do not pay attention to these seemingly small details. 

In short, they have the experience to know how to prepare the surface for drilling and what precautions need to be taken to avoid any potential issues.

4). Knowing which Accessories to use for the Project

Professionals know which standard attachment to use when they are drilling concrete. A vacuum stand is recommended for use on an angled or flat surface as it keeps the drill stable throughout the drilling process. 

On the other hand, a wall anchor attachment is recommended for use when the surface that needs to be drilled is vertical. Also, concrete drills are heavy and professionals always recommend the use of safety chains to keep things stable when cutting through the concrete.

5). Professionals have Experience

A concrete core drill isn’t like the typical handheld drill you use for tightening screws. It is heavy equipment that requires a lot of strength and hundreds of hours of experience to learn how to use it in the right manner. 

In short, handling it in the right manner requires hours of training. If the drill isn’t handled properly, the cut might not be straight and the finish will not be as smooth as you would expect from a professional.

Final Thoughts

Overall, concrete coring is a widely used process in the construction industry. It is typically used for making way for electrical conduits, water pipes, HVAC systems and for cutting windows or doors through concrete walls as well as for various other purposes. It involves the use of heavy equipment. 

Professionals with years of experience know which equipment to use and how to use that equipment to achieve a superior finish and keep everything safe. This is why you should never try to drill concrete on your own as it is likely to result in expensive mistakes.

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