Concrete Scanning Melbourne

Concrete Scanning is always a priority when you are wanting to safely manage concrete cutting projects. To increase onsite safety when coring, cutting and drilling concreted areas we offer a non-destructive ground penetrating radar “GPR”.

This allows us to work closely with our clients to provide information on where to cut, drill or core so that all rebar, utilities, PT etc are avoided and no costly errors are made that could result in site downtime, injury or even death.

Concrete Scanning 

Our professional concrete scanning team can locate them quickly with accuracy so you can get on with the job.

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Our state of the art technology allows us to scan to depths of up to 500 mm to locate and record all details of conduits, slab depth, cracks, voids and services. Our detailed reporting allows information to be retrieved for further work at any location. Full reports and results are available on request for use by engineers.

GPR is often referred to as X-ray Or Underground Scanning. Concrete X-ray operators need access to both sides of the structure as the transmitter, or source, and the receiver needs to be opposed to each other.

Our concrete scanning only needs access to one side of the structure being scanned because the RADAR has the transmitter and receiver in one unit and relies on the reflection of radio waves to produce a detailed and meaningful image.

Outdated X-ray technology is proven to be damaging to the human body due to radiation so exclusion zones around the area being tested are necessary, meaning part or all of the site will need to be evacuated.

The energy emitted from our GPR units is even lower than a mobile phone. Therefore, we do not need the site to be evacuated nor is there any risk of harmful exposure to employees, clients and other trades.

Effective Concrete Scanning Methods

Outdated X-ray technology can only produce one image on each exposure. This means that larger areas are very time consuming and costly to investigate as the transmitter and receiver need to be constantly moved to scan the full area.

Concrete Scanning can scan large areas in one or more scrolling images producing a vertical sectional view of the test area. These images can be placed together to form a virtual 3D model.

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Points Of Difference

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Vic Sawing & Drilling is one of the leading concrete scanning companies in Melbourne. We use the latest technology to ensure accurate results without the need to evacuate the worksite. Also, our technology is capable of producing virtual 3D models of the structure being scanned.

If you would like to schedule a consultation so you can learn how our concrete scanning services can help with your project, then don’t hesitate to contact Vic Sawing & Drilling today on (03) 8786 3621 for a quote.