Hand Sawing

Hand Sawing

Hand Sawing In Melbourne

The most efficient and reliable form of concrete sawing depending on the application is hand sawing.

At Vic Sawing & Drilling, your project is completed with high levels of precision and consistency using Hand Sawing methods. These are detailed sawing techniques mastered after years of experience and continuous education.

The specialists at Vic Sawing & Drilling pride ourselves in using optimal hand sawing methods to create positive results. This company uses appropriate methods to establish consistent practices and ensure all solutions are customised.

For all hand sawing requirements in Melbourne, Vic Sawing & Drilling remains the number one option in town.

Ideal for Inaccessible Areas

One of the primary reasons to consider hand sawing is to reach inaccessible areas.

In certain situations, Vic Sawing & Drilling will determine hand sawing is an applicable option and the best route to take. The reason for this may involve the type of setting or where the sawing is required. If the area is unreachable, hand sawing remains the best manual solution on the market.

A seasoned specialist will take the time to examine the property and determine how the equipment will be used to target the specific area on one’s property.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Whether it is a domestic or commercial project, Vic Sawing & Drilling remains the number one provider of hand sawing services.

All equipment is well-kept, professional-grade, and efficient to guarantee superior results. For hand sawing purposes, the company employs Husqvarna Hand Saws as they’re well-regarded for being the best in the business.

In cases, where additional concerns are present (i.e., petroleum fumes), the specialist will offer a solution involving hydraulic sawing.

All experts on hand can provide exceptional results and have years of experience in handling modern equipment. This ensures clients see incredible results and can rely on the work being done.


Whether it’s a tight area on one’s property or an area with petroleum fumes, Vic Sawing & Drilling offers a comprehensive option to all clients.

This stems from attention to detail and a desire to remain versatile from beginning to conclusion. Hand sawing requires precision and the ability to gauge a material before targeting it with specific equipment. This is why the best specialists in town are sent to fulfill a client’s needs.

For more information, clients are welcome to call in and speak with a specialist to determine how their project will commence and what is needed for appropriate results. This information is crucial and will assist in determining the next step moving forward.

Consistent Sawing

At Vic Sawing & Drilling, the emphasis remains on providing a comprehensive option. The team is well-equipped to analyse concrete and make appropriate determinations based on this information. The resulting finish is exceptional and based on a client’s requirements.

All sawing involves the use of multiple checks and balances to guarantee suitable results.

The team is stringent about its quality control processes and goes the extra mile to offer meaningful options to all of its clients. This consistency is essential for clients requiring specialised assistance in hard-to-reach areas.

Call now and book a consultation with one of the hand sawing experts at Vic Sawing & Drilling for an immediate assessment. This evaluation will include a look at the material, type of equipment required, and how a full-fledged solution can be employed.

All methods and equipment used by Vic Sawing & Drilling remain industry-grade and will offer precise results. Clients can lay down their vision for the ongoing project and know it will be met with patience, accuracy, and quality.

Vic Sawing & Drilling remains the go-to option in Melbourne for all drilling and sawing needs.

The only thing left to do is to call or send us an email. We cannot wait to help!