Rock Drilling

Rock Drilling

Rock Drilling in Melbourne

If you are in Melbourne and are looking for a rock drilling company with a high level of experience and reputation in delivering high-quality services, then look no further because Vic Sawing & Drilling is there to provide you with all sawing solutions, from core drilling to hand sawing, ring sawing to wall sawing and concrete removal.

The huge range of services we offer will make your life easier. We handle both commercial and residential projects and most important of all, provide high-quality coring and concrete cutting services. We have worked in very diverse environments and conditions and as such, we have all the experience required to complete any sawing or drilling project.

What Services Do We Offer?

Being a reputable company in Melbourne and its adjacent neighbourhood, we have a good reputation for providing excellent services. Better yet, we provide an array of sawing and drilling services so there are numerous options available for you. What are some of the services we offer?

1. Hand Sawing

With many homeowners in Melbourne living in wooden cottages, the need for hand sawing services is a bit insatiable. Thousands of homeowners are in need of hand sawing services every month if not a week. The hand sawing services we offer will cut through floors and walls to depths of up to 15 cm. Before any hand sawing project begins, the drilling professionals we have shall assess your site to determine the kind of saw to use for the job.

2. Core Drilling

Is your old piping system worn out and want to replace it with something new? Are the electric conduits in your home in need of a revamp? Or do you just want to bore some holes in your wall for a reason or two? Well, if you’re in that situation worry not because we are here to help. With our concrete core drilling services, we shall drill extra holes into your walls, with diameters as small as 12mm to diameters as large as 120 cm. Moreover, we can drill through floors and walls and reach depths you did not anticipate. The drill bits we use have diamond cores for precision and strength when drilling through the hardest of floors and walls.

3. Rock Drilling

If you want to drill a few dowel bar holes into bridge sides or concrete slabs, then you need a professional like VicSawing & Drilling to do the job. And why do you need us for this job? To begin with, our rock drilling services are on a level different from what our competitors are already proposing to offer. We pride ourselves in having powerful machinery that can tear through any piece of rock or concrete to make the best holes. Moreover, the machinery we use is always well-supported by counterweights that help maintain its balance and proportion. The versatility of our tools also helps us deliver beyond our customer’s expectations. With our rock drills, you do not have to worry about safety because every piece of equipment that we use is rigged, tested and re-tested for optimal functioning and operation.

4. Road Sawing

Road sawing is a crucial aspect of the construction of paved passageways, sidewalks, bridges and walkways. Whether you want to remove the existing layer of tarmac or want to create a small trench on the side of your pavement, we are there to help. It is our belief that in the cutting and drilling industry, you are just as good as the tools you are using. Our electric and diesel-powered road saws are capable of cutting through all horizontal surfaces like asphalt, concrete and concrete slabs, have good maneuverability and can cut to 40 cm deep.

If you have any sawing or drilling project, do not hesitate to contact Vic Sawing & Drilling Company for some consultation. We are always at your service when you need us.

If you are needing a team for your Rock Drilling, give our team a call now.