Wall sawing

Wall Sawing

Concrete Wall Sawing Melbourne

From the little basics of door and window openings to the precise tasks of selective demolition, Vic Sawing & Drilling definitely has all your wall sawing needs covered. Our experienced team of equipment operators are not only dedicated but also focused on superior workmanship from the start of your project to its completion.

For all Melbourne Wall Sawing projects, we use our own machinery that will cut vertically or horizontally up to a depth of 14 feet without leaving a track or mark. Our company’s resources lets us build and modify our sawing equipment so that they meet the specifications of your sawing project. Our expert’s vast knowledge and familiarity with numerous sawing machines gives our company the necessary expertise to deliver projects that are beyond what anyone would expect.

Besides developing some of the industry’s leading wall-cutting equipment, some of our technicians are also responsible for revolutionising the curb-cutting industry. Some of the wall cutting equipment we use have revolutionised the sawing and drilling industry in Melbourne.

With this innovation, our experts have spearheaded several industry practices that are designed to achieve labor-intensive activities with much ease and pin-point precision.

Melbourne Wall Sawing Services

At VicSawing & Drilling, our different concrete sawing services span a wide range of machinery and materials for any kind of commercial or residential project.

Apart from our unique wall sawing machinery, there are other types of concrete sawing that we offer through our Melbourne offices:

1. Diesel and Electric Flat Sawing

This kind of sawing mostly comes into play for horizontal surfaces like roads, bridges, concrete floor slabs, sidewalks and control joints where there is asphalt and steel reinforced concrete. Our Melbourne sawing and drilling experts use diamond blades mounted on a gas or electric powered saw for high precision cuts. Electric saws are perfect for indoor use or where the ventilation is limited while their diesel counterparts are used only in the outdoors.

2. Wire Sawing

Our company’s wire sawing machines offer either oscillating or continuous precision cuts. Using either a metal wire or a cable for confined areas where concrete saws cannot be used. Wire saws normally use a small, multi-strand ire that is fitted with industry diamonds that act as a blade. With the help of an adjustable pulley system, wire sawing facilitates controlled demolition with very little damage on the surrounding and can accommodate cuts in all directions.

3. Early Entry Sawing

These early entry sawing services normally incorporate some specially designed blades for better handling and efficient results in all concrete surfaces. The early entry saws we use are able to penetrate some of the densest structures and can aid in preventing joint stress and cracking during the sawing process.

Besides our industry-leading wall sawing services, we have a team of experts who provide the methods and means of concrete removal and sequencing for the quickest and safest way to bring down any structure. With VicSawing and Drilling, you are sure that our precise and clean craftsmanship will leave all adjacent construction areas free of any damage or debris.

Some of the additional services we provide include but are not limited to:

• Concrete crack repair
• Concrete coring
• Concrete barrier wall removal/demolition
• Concrete x-ray services
• Brick wall cutting
• Dowel drilling
• Decommissioning services

Servicing Clients in Melbourne

In addition to the above commercial and residential concrete services we offer, VicSawing and Drilling also offers an array of services such as curb cutting, concrete sealing and concrete removal. We are an industry leader in comprehensive concrete contracting services in Melbourne and surrounding locations. Whatever your project is, our team of professionals always adhere to precise craftsmanship and will leave your surroundings clean and damage-free.

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