Concrete Wire Sawing in Melbourne

Needing an expert team for Wire Sawing? You’ve come to the right place, our qualified team have the right equipment to safely carry out Wire Sawing for your project.

An excellent option for many jobs that need to be done on job sites, a good Wire Sawing Company can be hard to find, even in Melbourne. You will find that our professionals understand every aspect of concrete drilling inside and out, and we have the heavy duty equipment needed to get the job done right. Don’t take a chance on getting a sloppy job or crew, but call experienced pros like ours to make sure the job gets done right!

Our Points Of Difference

Residential & Commercial Work

Some crews only focus on residential work and there are crews that only focus on commercial work. Ours can handle both types of wire sawing services. Our blades use diamond bead cables that spin fast enough to cut through solid concrete. While this will never be a completely quiet operation, it makes far less noise than other options.
Because we only use state of the art equipment, we can:

– Cut right through the concrete with precision

– Separate large sections of concrete and steel

– Cut through thick layers of material quickly

– Do so with minimal air pollution and noise

wall concrete sawing
The combination of the best equipment, experienced professionals, and full understanding of creative or innovative cutting techniques means we’re the right call for every wire saw concrete cutting job. Big or small, commercial or residential, Vic Sawing & Drilling knows how to get the job done fast and how to do it right the first time, every time.

Your Time Is Valuable

We believe in providing only the absolute best in service. When you invest in your home or business you want to know that you are getting the most out of every dollar and every minute lost. Our dedication to watching every detail and doing the job as perfectly as possible means when you hire us, you can rest easy knowing your maximised your investment. Whether you need a big time cutting job or pros who can do careful work in small confined spaces, we have the tools and the professionals to handle it.

Every Customer Is Important

There’s a reason our reputation in Melbourne has remained so strong throughout the years. Whether you need us for a short specialty residential job that takes a small part of the afternoon to pull off, or a large commercial project that requires the full crew of tools and professionals, and a top-notch plan for execution, we treat your job like it’s the most important one we’ve ever done.

Attention is paid to every single detail and whether drilling, cutting, or offering a combination of our concrete cutting services, you can count on us to do the job fast, professionally, and to treat you well throughout.

Wire Cutting Experts

Wire sawing is often the perfect solution for cutting through virtually any size of heavily reinforced concrete. When you have the tools, training, and skills of our workers, these jobs are often a breeze and even the most challenging of work sites are no match for what we bring to the table.

What Are You Waiting For?

The job isn’t going to take care of itself while you’re watching footy, no matter how convenient that would be. When you want reliable quality work that utilises the best tools and techniques then you need to give our pros 4at Vic Sawing & Drilling a call. We are happy to answer any enquiry you may have or get right to the project at hand so you can move forward with the project at hand!

Please Call Us Today

Vic Sawing & Drilling is the number one choice for all your concrete cutting needs in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. We have the experience, knowledge and capability to tackle all kinds of jobs.

If you have a wire sawing or concrete cutting job in Melbourne, please call us at Vic Sawing & Drilling today on (03) 8786 3621 for a quote.