6 Tips For Safely Cutting Concrete Walls

If you are working on a construction project, it may be necessary for you to cut through concrete walls.
Unfortunately, this is a very dangerous task that is far easier said than done. 
The best way to make sure that you are not the victim of a mishap while on the job would be to remember the following safety tips.

1. Cover Up Well

When you begin cutting through concrete, there will be fragments flying around everywhere. 
It is important that you do not allow any of these fragments to come in contact with your skin. 
The best way to avoid this would be to wear the appropriate safety gear. 
This includes wearing goggles to cover your eyes and something to protect your ears from the loud sounds produced by the saw. 
Also, clothing that covers your arms and legs in full and even a cap or better still, a hard hat, to protect your head and hair from collecting dust and fragments.

2. Use A Wet Cutting Method

Sawing through concrete means that there will be dust all over the place and inhaling it can be harmful. 
This is because it is likely to contain silica, which can lead to serious health issues. 
You can keep yourself safe by using a wet cutting method instead of the traditional dry type. 
This will significantly reduce the number of concrete particles in the air. 
If you aren’t able to use the wet cutting method, then a breathing mask is essential.

3. Maintain Focus

It is not always easy to turn off the world around you and focus on the task at hand, but this is completely necessary when cutting concrete. 
Try your best to remain calm and concentrate solely on the wall being cut. 
You need to ignore ringing phones, side conversations or anything else that can be distracting. 
Failing to do this will increase the chances of you having a slip-up and sustaining some type of injury and making a mess of the job at hand.

4. Be Mindful Of Tool Selection And Safety

You cannot choose any old tools when it comes to concrete hand sawing
For instance, if you are going to use the wet cutting method mentioned above, you cannot use a saw that is powered by electricity. 
As most people are aware, if the electrical currents come in contact with water it would be a total disaster. 
In addition to selecting the right tools, you need to worry about using them in the correct manner and maintaining safety standards. 
An example of this would be making sure that you turn off all power equipment if you have to step away for whatever reason. 
It doesn’t matter if you plan to leave for less than a minute, shut down the equipment and restart once you return.

5. Do Not Force The Blade

In the interest of being efficient and getting things done quickly, some operators have been tempted to force the blade through the concrete they are cutting. 
This actually has the opposite effect, so do everything in your power to avoid this. 
If you force the blade, this can cause overheating. It is best to hold on tight and allow the equipment to do most of the work.

6. Build A Platform If Needed

Part of using cutting tools safely involves making sure that you are steady and stable. 
If you are on an incline or decline, it can affect the way that you operate the saw. 
In order to prevent this, you should construct some kind of platform to stand on. This will help you to avoid any unsteady hands or uneven cuts.
As you can probably tell, cutting through concrete can be extremely dangerous. With that being said, many people do this daily with ease. 
The best way to do so would be to make it a point to stay safe and follow all of the advice that was offered here.

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