Safety Measures You Need During Concrete Cutting

Safety Measures You Need During Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting can bring with it many safety challenges.
It is important that workers (or DIY enthusiasts) follow appropriate safety measures to ensure that they, and the people around them, are protected when work is progress.

Know Where to Cut

One of the biggest challenges that people face when cutting concrete is knowing where to cut, especially when cutting in or near buildings.
Even if a building has plans, the plans may not be totally accurate, especially if other work has been done on the building since it was initially constructed.
Cutting into a live electrical line could cause an electrical fire or a potentially fatal electric shock.
For this reason, it is important to cut off all electricity and other utilities supplying the area where the work is being done.

Using the Right Tools for the Job

Another important consideration is using the right tool for the job. It can be tempting to try to cut costs and use whatever tools you have on hand.
However, using the wrong saw can make the job more difficult at best, and lead to serious injury in some cases.

Cutting Safely

As a general rule, you should cut only half as deep as the current depth of the concrete slab you are working on.
Do not cut any deeper than the current job requires, and always cut in a straight line.
Use water to keep the saw blade cool and to reduce friction, as well as to stop too much dust being kicked up.
Use a hose to supply a steady stream of water to the saw.
Activate the saw away from the ground, and let the motor warm up at half throttle before you turn it up to full throttle for use.
Before you start sawing, you should always inspect the machine. If you notice any issues, do not make a cut.
If you encounter problems while working, stop immediately and mark the machine.
This way, others will know that there is a problem with it and that they shouldn’t use it until it has been inspected and/or repaired.
It goes without saying that you should always make sure you wear safety gear when working on a construction site.
This means steel-toed footwear, gloves, ear plugs, and goggles as well as a mask to prevent inhalation of dust. This is even more so when sawing concrete.
If you are a DIY enthusiast, then buy high-quality PPE for yourself.
If you run a work site then consult with your workers and support them by either supplying or offering a rebate on PPE that they will actually wear.

Work Without Distractions

One of the biggest issues that people face when they are working on a construction site is distractions.
When you are working with heavy machinery you cannot afford to be distracted. Put your phone on silent and keep it out of the way.
Put signs up to indicate that you are working and to ask people to stay out of the way. Do not work when you are tired or distracted.
This will help to to reduce your risk of accidents. If you need any large landscaping rocks or areas of concrete to be removed to allow for landscaping our team is here to help.
Health and safety is something that a lot of people do not fully respect because they feel that it ‘gets in the way’.
The regulations exist for a reason and are based on many years or even decades of experience of seeing people involved in the workplace.
Follow the best practices and you and your workers will feel safe and protected and be more productive too.
Cutting concrete is no small undertaking and it is important that it is approached in a systematic manner.
Safety aside, if you make a mistake when cutting concrete it will be very hard to undo it!

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