What Are Some Of The Uses Of A Concrete Saw?

What Are Some Of The Uses Of A Concrete Saw?

Are you involved in a concrete cutting project? Are you confused as to which type of concrete saw you should choose for the project?
A concrete cutting saw is a tool that runs on gasoline, pneumatic pressure, hydraulics or an electric motor. It is also known as a road saw, consaw or a slab saw.
A concrete saw is used for cutting hard materials like concrete, tiles, asphalt, brick, masonry, and other solid stuff.
There are different types of saws that range from compact handheld saws and chop saws to large walk-behind saws. The blades of concrete saws are commonly made from diamond for effective and precise cuts.
Diamond blades should be cooled due to the significant friction generated during the cutting project as well as reducing dust in the process.
This article provides information on the many uses of concrete saws and different kinds of concrete saws on the market. We will take a look at the following:

  • Different Types Of Concrete Saws
  • Many Uses Of Concrete Saws

Different Types Of Concrete Saws

There are many types of concrete saws out there. Every saw will serve a purpose depending on the job you need to get done.
It’s important to understand the different types of saws out there so you can choose the best tool for your next concrete cutting project.
Chainsaws are some of the most popular concrete saws on the market today. These saws will give you an unmatched precision due to the hydraulics of the tool.
Hydraulics give the tool enough power to cut through concrete and reach more than two-feet deep in the concrete. However, you shouldn’t use this type of saw to create lines and corners on concrete.
Hand saws are available in many sizes and shapes. They can help you to complete the concrete cutting project more efficiently. You can slice through brickwork and other masonry using this tool.
You can make small cuts with hand saws compared to chainsaws. Wire saws let you deal with a large amount of concrete at once. You can make precise cuts on large slabs and blocks of concrete with a wire saw.
Wire saws are ideal when you have to deal with foundations, pillars, and depths underneath the concrete surface. Core drills are effective when you have to cut through concrete surfaces.
Whether you need to cut one inch or up to 5-feet deep into the concrete, core drills are ideal for the project. You will need the core drill when you are laying down utility cables and wiring a building.

Many Uses Of Concrete Saws

Concrete saws have many uses and benefits. You can use a concrete saw to cut through tiles, bricks, concrete, blocks of stone, and other hard materials.
They can be used to cut openings or channels through concrete blocks, walls, and slabs. Concrete saws can be handheld, mounted on a stand or wheeled manually or by an electric motor.
Working with a concrete saw will expose the worker to many hazards like cutting blades, push-back, kick-back, pull-ins, and silica dust. That’s why training and proper work practices are the key to success and safety with a concrete saw.
You need proper training to safely and effectively use a concrete saw. The correct sized cutting blade should be installed properly and guarded before using the concrete saw.
The speed of the saw shouldn’t exceed the manufacturer’s suggested RPM. You should use the correct blade for the project and adhere to all safety rules and wear protective gear when using a saw to cut concrete.

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