What Is Core Drilling?

What Is Core Drilling?

How much do you know about concrete core drilling? Do you know when it’s needed? What are the machines needed for core drilling? What is the purpose of concrete core drilling?

Concrete coring is not as widely discussed as concrete cutting and this is why most people are not really sure about the purpose of this method of concrete cutting. In this blog post, we’ll explore the topic of concrete core drilling, when it’s needed, what the purpose is and also, wet and dry core drilling.

What Is Core Drilling?

Core drilling is a method of cutting concrete. However, these are not your regular cuts. It is the process of making cylindrical holes in a concrete structure such as ceilings, walls or floors. It is typically used for accommodating HVAC ducting, plumbing piping, electrical conduits and other such things.

Not every place is conducive to a hammer and chisel. Also, using a hammer and chisel for making holes in a concrete wall or floor doesn’t always result in a clean cut and it takes a lot of time. In such environments, concrete drilling is much more effective.

What’s the Need for Core Drilling?

It is one of the most widely used methods of making holes in concrete. Concrete is a tough material and it’s not easy to make holes. It is widely used for providing space for starter reinforcement bars, plumbing piping, electrical conduits, hold-down bolts and other such necessary things.

What Tools Are Used for Concrete Coring?

The most commonly used tool for concrete coring is a diamond core drill. It looks a lot different from the commonly used drills. The major difference is the shape of the drill bit.

It is in the form of a steel tube with synthetic diamond beads at the end. Since it is a hollow tube, the concrete continues to move up the tube until the drill reaches the other end and you get a nice cylinder of concrete.

As far as the operation is concerned, the drill slowly rotates the bit while it is being cooled with the help of special liquids or water. Core drilling is nothing new but the equipment used for concrete coring ensures better accuracy, superior finish, less noise, reduced mess and minimal vibrations.

What Is Core Drilling

Dry or Wet Core Drilling

Core drilling can be done dry or with water or other cooling liquids. Mostly, wet core drilling is preferred as it is slightly faster and more efficient. Wet core drilling also ensures minimal production of dust and a cleaner cut as compared to dry core drilling.

Advantages of Concrete Core Drilling

One of the biggest advantages of concrete coring is its capability to maintain structural integrity. When holes need to be cut in existing structures, structural integrity may become an issue if the holes are not cut correctly.

With core drilling, you don’t need to worry about structural integrity as concrete coring performed by a professional with the right tool’s results in minimal vibrations.

Another big advantage of concrete coring by a professional is superior finish and excellent accuracy. Keep in mind that concrete coring can also go wrong when not done by a trained professional. However, a diamond core drill in the hands of a trained professional will always produce a cleaner cut that won’t require any additional work.

Concrete coring is the perfect method for making deep cuts. You can use specialised drills to make cuts deeper than 70 cm. You won’t be able to make such deep cuts with a concrete saw. It provides a lot of flexibility as successive holes can be made together to cut concrete in a variety of shapes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, concrete core drilling is a widely used process for making cleaner, safer and more precise cuts in concrete. It has a variety of applications and can be used to make almost any kind of concrete cut.

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